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Creeping stealthy steps in the night
Slipping silently from dark to light
Then stark dancing upon the stair
Drawn sweetly hither from her lair
To ascend, then descend upon
The sleeper’s restless form, anon
The falling light of the lusting moon
With weight and touch forbidden
During day, but heart fulsome bidden
To take with pleasure her justly due
Of the energy from love’s liquid dew
Night by night and day by day
By his side the succubus stays
For her touch he daily craves
Not realizing that life slips away
What was young becomes then old
Faded and wan, what once was bold
Til at last one day he rises up no more
But instead is borne out the door
Here is another of my mythology/folklore inspired poems for my Patreon patrons. The companion piece hasn't been finished yet, and I'm thinking about doing later ones from the alternate point of view. Although the Succubus and the Incubus (the male version) are often treated as mature subjects this poem was written with an intentional pg slant, and an expected ambivalence about some of the results of puberty. It was a rather interesting challenge to play with euphemisms and consider the various methods of how a succubus feeds.

If you like my poems and other projects then please consider becoming a regular patron! If you'd like to do a one time patronage that can also be arranged. I'm also open to subject requests.
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August 26, 2016


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