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Malign me all you want, all you need
I’ve been so through the centuries.
What you don’t know, can’t stand
Is that I’ve been called unto this man.
His lack, his need, his fervent desire...
He has no answered light to his pyre
No angel, no demon, no loving wife
To hold him when he lays at night.
Yet when I answer and give my all
You all say that he’s in my thrall.
Yes, on his love I must surely feed--
And life, but with me he lays his seed.
Do you realize the children I have born
For those who crave love in any form?
I give what fleeting solace that I can
To even the lonesomest dying man.
It’s not my fault that at last they expire,
Though if you found me, you’d conspire
To learn from me all of passion’s craft
To make an Eden on even sinking raft.
You believe that all of my seductive kind
Share one purpose and have one mind.
That we don’t love, that we don’t need,
That we use your men as mere steeds.
I have loved and I have lost more
Than you’ll ever have in life’s store.
Malign me all you want, all you need
It’s been thus countless centuries.
But if you are brave, if you are wise,
You’ll pause, and think, forgive vice.
We serve a purpose, give safe outlet
For your dreams, wants, and regret.

Teresa Garcia

August 27, 2016

A companion piece to  amehanarainstardrago.deviantar… "Traditional Succubus," this speaks from the point of view of ONE of them. I've not even gotten to the Incubus yet.

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Submitted on
August 27, 2016